The St Patrick’s Hotel in Xlendi offers a unique experience of a modern hotel while having all the characteristics of the Gozitan culture. Situated just three metres from the water’s edge, the hotel has 64 bedrooms, most of them with balconies offering breathtaking sea views and views over the rugged valley of Xlendi or the hotel courtyard.

The hotel was rebuilt in 1993 replacing and modernizing the original eight bedroom St. Patrick’s Hotel, which was one of the oldest hotels in Gozo.

The view from the hotel is mesmerising, with clear blue sea, the rock formations, the cliffs and the boats complementing the picturesque bay. The hotel offers all the amenities and comfort necessary to make your stay complete. It also has a rooftop splash pool and sunbathing area, a restaurant and bar extending out to the terrace overlooking Xlendi bay.

Sitting right on the waters’ edge you will be lulled by the lapping of the waves. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

Scuba diving and boating can also be arranged by the hotel and walks up the cliffs and around the valley are truly enjoyable. Access from Xlendi to the rest of Gozo is very easy if you hire a car or use a taxi.  This can be conveniently arranged by the hotel through Gozo Garage, the hotel’s sister company. Public transport is also available just outside the hotel’s main entrance and can take you anywhere in Gozo.